ACOTEX® (Acotex Gpowertech Co., Ltd. 科陽國際企業) 成立於1989年,主要從事防水透濕機能性布料塗布、貼合等技術的創新研發與布料檢驗技術。防水透濕機能性布料一直以來是我們專注的區域,對於來自世界各地強烈的用戶需求,我們優秀開發團隊不斷開發優良材質與驗證技術,使我們的合作客戶產品,搭配上我們的布料能夠達到強化品牌和品質加分的效果。所有 ACOTEX® 布料均通過嚴謹的品質標準測試流程SGS、ITS與台灣紡織研究所等認證,進而保證產品達到最佳的表現水準。

 在與台灣多家紡織印染家工業企業、出口貿易公司和服裝製造商擁有良好的合作與技術交互配合下,分別開發出 ACOTEX® Fabrics 和 ACO-DRY® Fabrics 機能性布料技術,以符合現代戶外運動愛好者對於不同層面的需求。

 ACOTEX® Fabrics 機能性布料集結了持久防水、防風和高度透溼透氣的完美組合。因應各種活動環境,開發出了多種 ACOTEX® 機能性布料,不論是滑雪、登山或是水上活動,都能符合穿著者的需求。

 有別於 ACOTEX® Fabrics,ACO-DRY® Fabrics 機能性紡織布料是屬於持久吸濕排汗、透氣,加上輕薄、柔軟、舒適的質地的完美組合。ACO-DRY® 的特殊設計,讓運動員不管是在進行比賽、訓練、健身或是戶外活動時,都能持續感受到乾爽、舒適、輕盈。

 經過 ACOTEX® Fabrics和 ACO-DRY® Fabrics針對各種需求所做的分級制度,能夠讓消費者更清楚了解到各種布料的屬性與產品特性,了解何種產品最適合自己,並將產品的功能更清楚地呈現在消費者面前。ACOTEX® 並致力於提供最佳的產品品質和最有競爭力的價格,並用最優良熱忱的服務態度提供客戶所需之資訊,以解決各種可能會遇到的挑戰,致力讓我們的客戶更能專注於拓展市場,打響品牌。ACOTEX® 相信我們的成功來自於客戶的成功,用最誠摯的態度,和客戶建立良好的夥伴關係是製造雙贏的首要條件。

 與 ACOTEX® 配合密切的服裝品牌夥伴有 OFITS® 時尚品牌, MbX™ 極限運動品牌, SPORTSAIR® 戶外登山品牌、ProU® 公司制服承銷品牌等。無論從小量到大規模製造,我們均能滿足客戶需求。

 Founded in 1989, ACOTEX® (Acotex GpowerTech Co., Ltd.) Is a privately-held Taiwan based company specializes in waterproof and breathable fabrics - ACOTEX® Fabrics. As one of the leading fabrics providers with good reputation on our fabrics products, ACOTEX® has always focused on providing quality ,reliable, durable performance fabrics at reasonable prices.

 ACOTEX® Fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof combined with optimized breathability. Each ACOTEX® Fabrics classes are developed and especially ideal for various activities like skiing, mountaineering or water-sports. On the other hand, as subsidiary products of ACOTEX®, ACO-DRY® Fabrics are technically advanced textile with durably fast moisture wicking technology and exceptional breathability combining light weight, softness and comfort. Different to ACOTEX® Fabrics, ACO-DRY® Fabrics are developed to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice, workout or outdoor activity.

 ACOTEX® resolutely focus on our product promises. With certification from SGS, ITS and TTRI(Taiwan Textile Research Institutes), all ACOTEX® & ACO-DRY® Fabrics products are designed with the highest quality and absolute reliability for different performance levels.

 For more than 20 years, ACOTEX® has served a variety of market in Asia-pacific, Europe and South America. Our team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide better solutions. We work hard, with passion and perseverance and can always be reached directly. We believe our success is a result from the values of our strong relationship with customers which ensures that customers profit optimally of the service we provide.

 At ACOTEX®, customers' success is our success, and it’s this commitment that defines the company. We are dedicated to offer a flexible choice of products to fulfill all the needs for our customers for the best satisfaction experience, and we wish to bring this to a global range.